Why did I decide to do a coloring book?

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Hello everyone!  Welcome to the ArtStart blog.  I have been meaning to do this but have been busy drawing and formatting my newest book ArtStart Mandalas – A Draw and Color Book (available on Amazon November 10th!).

I have been asked many times why I chose to create art books, especially in a totally and utterly saturated market.  As a naturally artsy person, drawing has been the one area that I just never thought I could do.  I would consider myself a crafter, a copier, a direction follower you could say.  Many a cross stitch stitch has been pulled out because I missed one darn little square five rows ago (wow I hate that…😡) and doing crafts with my kids takes patience on my part not to tell them they didn’t put the nose on the reindeer exactly were the pictures says…Soooo drawing was never an art I was drawn too because I could never get the things I drew to look  like the things I wanted to draw.

That being said I bought a coloring book on a trip and realized while I enjoy coloring I really wanted to draw the pages.  So I started with doodling.  Many call it Zentangle – great job of them to brand what we do as children naturally BTW – and I found that I am a pretty good doodler!  But it still wasn’t enough just to make senseless drawings of pretty patterns because I am, not so secretly, ridiculously jealous of all who can draw real things.  So I kept trying; I have traced, struggled, erased and drawn and erased again but finally I  completed a whole 40 page children’s activity book (ArtStart Junior on Amazon, go buy it now! 🤓) I have so many ideas for coloring books – Mandalas, feathers, girly things, dragons, flowers, anatomy, on and on – and I realize that they have all been done already.  There is LITERALLY a coloring book for everything (no really…I found a Bill Murray  coloring book.)   

Normally this would be very discouraging.  I am the worst self sabotager and will talk myself out of many ideas because they seem too hard or the odds are too low. However, I realized that I really enjoy drawing and making books!  There is something amazing when you get the first copies bound and all official. I may never make millions like the wonderful Johanna Basford (illustrator of the Secret Garden coloring series) but I will certainly enjoy myself!!

What things have you done in your life that seemed too hard or silly to even start? Did you do them anyway?

Have an awesome day everyone,

Alicia B.

Have a creative day! Alicia B.

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