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Hello all!

This is a quick post about starting over.  In 2016 I was working toward getting my craft blog up and running, I self published 4 coloring books and really started working on getting followers and contributing to the crafting community.  Then an amazing thing happened – I got pregnant!  My husband and I decided to have another baby but we are both older and we figured it would take at least 6 months…so when we found out we were having a baby the first month it was quite the good surprise! But as the weeks went by the morning sickness got worse and worse until even looking at a computer screen made me sick. (On a side note, while I was sick we binge watched Downton Abby.  It was so amazing but now when I think of watching it I get a bit queasy ha!)  So my blog and future crafting empire were put on hold.

Fast forward to now…my beautiful baby girl is 6 months old and I am in love.  I have the patience I never had with my boys, I have been able to breastfeed (something I really prayed I could do this time around) and I just love to be with her.

This post is about starting over – in life and in getting my crafty world off the ground.  Please join me on my journey!

To celebrate my blog kick off I am including two free coloring page downloads!  These are two of my personal favorites so if you do color them tag @deann52 on Insta! One is from The Black & White Book and the other is from A is for Anatomy.  Both of these are available on Amazon, links are under the Books tab above (Go buy them!) Enjoy!

Feather – Zentangle inspired feather

Skull – A flowery skull


Have a creative day! Alicia B.

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